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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 15:40

Dear Colleauges,

The ams mc mass production setup is ready to run.

The aim is to produce some 5-10 Tb of simulated data

Please find below instructions on how to proceed.

There are few mc production related pages on
grouped under "AMS02 MC Production" header:

Request MC Job
Binaries download
Production Status
Cite and User's registration

a. Please proceed firstly with "Cite and User's registration".
Note that most probably you have already been registered
by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In case of doubt please ask him about your
username/pssword/cite etc information as well as for the
password to access "AMS02 MC Production" related pages.

b. Click on "Request MC Job"
put your registered info as user@mailaddress into the box named
"e-mail address "
Click on "Continue"

Choose any of "He, protons ..." options in "Datasets" field
Click on "Continue"

NB: Only "Cite responsible" may request jobs for the MC production.
"Cite responsible" normally means a person who is doing actual work
as request/submit jobs, transfer files etc.

Choose appropriate dataset from "Job Template: Dataset" field.
NB: Unless you have some preferences leave it on the default value.

Choose appropriate CPU Type (use e.g. cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep name).
Put appropriate CPU clock in MhZ (use e.g. cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz).

Put appropriate CPU time limit in seconds per job
you are going to run at your local cite.
Please allow at least 10% for contingency.

Checking ForceCPULimit checkbox allows to force the job termination after
CPU time limit secs of execution.
May be usefull on some batch queing systems.
Hint: Uncheck it if you run on a batch system without forced termination
after cpu limit expired.

Put total number of jobs requested. It is recommended to request
number of jobs which is equal to the number of cputs you are going
to use simultaneously.

Put "Total Real Time Required" in days.
The meaning of that parameter is that you are have "Total Real Time Required" days delay to finish all the requested jobs and transfer all necessary DST
and/or bookkeping data. Please note that NO data will be accepted
after the expirations of this delay as the correspondion db info will be
erased and allocated events will be returned to the event pool.
The recommended number is 10 X cputime but in any case should be less
than 30 days.

Choose MC production Mode:
Standalone, if you don;t have or you don;t want to use
external tcp-ip connectivity.

Client, if opposite.
For the Client mode choose "DST Tramsfer Mode" as Automatic
only if you have a good tcpip connectivity to CERN.
Good means at least 10 mbit/sec bandwidth.
The overal average is however quite small around 0.2 mbit/sec/cpu-1000mhz.

Default Values: Client, Manual.
It is recommended however to try at least once all the available modes
before choosing your final one.

Click On " Submit Request"

Download the binary files if necessary either directly from the links on the screen or using "Binaries download" page. Note that you don't need an "addon"
file if your are working in Client mode.

Check your mailbox. You have to get a mail from the sever with a README file and attached gzippped tarball containing
job files.


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