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Thursday, 11 November 2010 11:50

AMS Computing

Linux in AMS

Last modified Wed Jun 23 14:07:00 2004

Linux is a primary platform for AMS02 computing cluster.

The supported platforms for AMS-02 are:

  • SLC5_32bit   gcc4-gfortran
  • SLC5_32bit   icc-ifort
  • SLC5_64bit   gcc4-gfortran
  • SLC5_32bit   icc-ifort

Partial support is available for:

  • SLC4_32bit    gcc3-g77
  • SLC4_32bit    icc-ifort

INTEL Compiler Suite

The current supported Intel compile suite is version 11.1/073.

At this link you can get the Intel compilers suite ( it is supposed to be untarred under /opt ).

ROOT for AMS-02

The AMS sofware must be compiled with a customized version of ROOT.

The current ROOT version is v5.27: (available on the

  • ROOT v5.27.v36075  (svn original)
  • ROOT AMS-02 patch
  • Tar of binary releases


To compile GBATCH you need the CERNLIB for your system, you also need the NAG libs (you may need a licence for that) and an additional AMS-02 (libamsut.a). The latter can also be built from the amsut dir in the GATCH tree.

At this link you can get a tarball with all the CERNLIBs for the supported architectures.

Configuring Linux

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